Clare Dickinson

Clare Dickinson

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Global Fund policies and practices; global and national HIV policies and responses; HIV integration with health services and systems; health systems strengthening; aid effectiveness and aid modalities; policy change processes; civil society organisations and advocacy.


Policy analysis; evaluation design, methodology and implementation; strategy development and review; project and programme management; technical drafting and synthesis.

Background and relevant experience:

Clare has over 25 years of international experience of working on short and long term engagements in East Africa, South and South East Asia. Her interests include global health partnerships’ policies and programmes; multisector coordination and institutional arrangements; health service integration and health systems strengthening; strategy development and review; health financing and aid effectiveness. She has authored articles on transforming AIDS policy in Asia; the role of institutions, ideas and interests in HIV responses; role of power in policy analysis; evaluating policy influencing processes through realistic evaluation.

In the last five years, Clare has worked on a range of assignments for the Gates Foundation, Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNDG, OECD, AusAid/DFAT and DFID. Examples include

  • Global Fund (2016 ongoing): Design and implementation of the Global Fund’s Prospective Country Evaluations in three countries
  • WHO UHC2030 (2017 ongoing): Transitioning from external aid: Mapping of development partner policies and practices and ongoing technical support to the technical working group on transition from external aid in the health sector and sustainability
  • Gates Foundation (2015/16): Evaluation of BMGF investments in advocacy for the Global Fund using theory based evaluation and analytical methods
  • International Health Partnership+ (2016) Strategic inputs to a review of IHP+ constituency based governance for UHC2030
  • CEPA (2016): Strategic inputs to the design and implementation of a review of the Global Fund/WHO Cooperation Agreement
  • Global Fund (2014/15): Strategic Review of the Global Fund’s 2012-2016 Strategy.
  • UNAIDS (2014): Review of existing indicators for the elimination of parallel systems and HIV integration and development of options for future indicators (post-2015)
  • Global Fund (2013/14): Review of Global Fund operations in Fragile States
  • UNDP (2013/14): Development of corporate strategy and organisation options for Swaziland’s National AIDS Commission.
  • Ausaid (2012/13):  Multi-donor strategic review of HIV in ten Asian countries.
  • WHO (2012): Evaluation of budget advocacy investments in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Uganda using Realistic Evaluation
  • OECD (2011): Synthesis report of aid effectiveness in the health sector prepared for the Task Team Health as a Tracer Sector for the Fourth High Level Forum in Busan, Korea, November 2011.
  • UNDP (2010): External evaluation of the Joint UNDP/WB/UNAIDS Programme for Strengthening Capacity for integrating AIDS into PRSPs and National Development Plans


University of Manchester, Masters in Education for Primary Health Care (1995); University College London, BSc Geography (1988)


Clare is British and lives in France. She has lived in Indonesia, Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh and Japan. She has done short term work in Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Zambia, Swaziland, Uganda, Myanmar. Languages include English (Fluent) French (reasonable), Indonesian (reasonable).

For a full CV and list of publications email Clare at the address at the top of this page.f this page.