Kathy Attawell

Kathy Attawell

For a full and up to date CV, please email: kathy.attawell@nichad.org

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Sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, health policy, health systems, aid architecture, aid effectiveness, civil society.


Policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation design and implementation, team leadership and facilitation, strategy development, programme management, technical writing, secondary research.

Background and relevant experience

Kathy has more than 30 years’ experience of working in international health and development on short- and long-term assignments in Africa and Asia. She has experience in programme design, team leadership, programme and sector evaluations, analysis of global health and policy issues. In the last five years she has worked on assignments for clients including DFID, DHSC, ECDC, UNESCO and a range of consulting firms. Examples include:
  • Itad (December 2020-February 2021) – Mid-term review of the DFID-funded ASCEND NTD programme.
  • Rutgers Netherlands (October 2020-February 2021) – Practical guidance for CSOs on scale up of comprehensive sexuality education.
  • UNESCO (October-December 2020) – Global status report on school violence.
  • IPAS (May-June 2020) – Evaluation of IPAS’ strategy.
  • British Council (January-April 2020) – Independent evaluation of the British Council Next Generation Gulf programme.
  • PATH (October 2019-March 2020) – Strategic review of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement.
  • OPM/DFID (October 2019-January 2020) – Review and analysis of UK public and private sector research, science and technology investment in health, enterprise and climate change in Uganda.
  • CEPA (October 2019-January 2020) – Strategic Advisor for independent evaluation of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.
  • Itad (July-October 2019) – Independent evaluation of Wellcome Trust DRI programme.
  • DFID Ghana (May-June 2019) – Project completion review of DFID support to Ghana Community Health Planning and Services, and evaluation of family planning training.
  • DFID Kenya (January-April 2019) – Mid-term review of maternal and newborn health programme.
  • OPM/DHSC (November 2018-March 2019) – Annual review of the UK-funded Fleming Fund.
  • ECDC (July 2018-March 2019) – Review of scientific papers and revision of migrant health screening guidelines.
  • GH Pro (November 2017-March 2018) – USAID Linkages evaluation.


Kathy is British and lives in London. She has worked in West, East and Southern Africa, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Europe. For a full CV email Kathy at the address given at the top of this page.